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Behind the Scenes

Berklee alumni worked on some of the
biggest movies of the past year, including
The Hunger Games, which scored the
third-largest box-office debut in history.

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Alumni Earn Nine
Grammy Awards

Faculty member Terri Lyne Carrington '83 wins Best Jazz Vocal Album, raising the alumni total to 214 Grammys.

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New Master's Programs

Apply to Berklee's new master's programs, enroll in undergraduate or summer programs, or register for courses offered by our online school.

Berklee in Valencia
Summer Scholarships

Lollapalooza announces scholarships for students from Chile and Brazil to attend Berklee in Valencia summer programs.

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Rethink Music

On April 22–24, Rethink Music brings together the
strongest minds from across all facets of the music
industry, including alumni duo Karmin and keynote
speaker Seth Godin, Business Week's "Ultimate
Entrepreneur for the Information Age."

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The Checkout - Live at Berklee

Trumpeter Ingrid Jensen returns on April 12 for the fifth episode of NPR's concert series showcasing Berklee alumni.

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Berklee Today:
Chuck Doud

As the director of music for Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios America, alumnus Chuck Doud oversees
the music development for blockbuster video games such as
God of War and Gran Turismo.

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VIDEO: What Music Teaches You

Berklee alumni apply the skills of improvisation and creativity to whatever they choose to do.

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