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Latest publications

2012-04-08 Some exercises translated to Dutch.
2012-04-07 Updates in the Ninth Chord Construction and Identification and Key Signature Construction and Identification exercises.
2012-03-12 Some exercises translated into other languages.
2012-02-06 We are revising all exercises to add some new options. More information...
2011-11-19 New Jazz Progressions Ear Training exercise.
The seventh chord exercises (construction, identification and ear training) now use chords with augmented and diminished fifth and the minor chord with major seventh.
New chords in the Chord Constructor Tool.
2011-09-12 The harmonic function construction and identification exercises of triads and seventh chords now use chord inversions.
2011-09-06 43 new progressions using secondary dominants with inversions added to the Harmonic Progressions exercise.
You must now specify chord inversions when answering.
2011-08-06 You can now emphasize chord notes in the Triad and Seventh Chord Ear Training exercises.
  more information...